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The Problem

There is currently over 5.25 trillion pieces of trash and plastic the Worlds Oceans.

Our oceans and wildlife are being destroyed by massive amounts of plastic pollution, now easily seen on most exposed shorelines and as floating island garbage patches that form in oceanic gyres. These gyres are massive circular currents of water formed by global wind patterns and forces created by the earth’s rotation. The plastic and marine debris is breaking down into micro forms that are ingested by fish, birds, turtles and other endangered marine species such as whales and seals, which often die from entanglement or blocked digestive systems.


Over 8 million tons of plastic is dumped in to the ocean every year, by 2050 scientists estimate there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. The problem is only getting bigger and more complex to solve as more plastic and trash continues to accumulate.


Photo by Cheryl King

Our Solution

L•E•A•F  Principles Are The Foundation Of Love The Sea

Legislate: Love The Sea will increase awareness and financial support for important legislative issues that relate to plastic in our local & global environment Hawaii Wild Life Fund, Surfrider Foundation along with many others, have an ongoing...

campaign called “Hold The Foam” that is currently working to ban the use of polystyrene containers used in Hawaii. Love the Sea will support the on going issue on the Big Island in Hawaii and help start a Hold The Foam campaign in the County of Maui. 

Educate: Love The Sea aims for Ocean Aid Hawaii to be a leading voice and platform for education regarding plastic and marine debris. The festival will host many important speakers for the cause including government officials, community...

and cultural leaders, as well as artists of all mediums. Hawaii Wild Life Fund already has an educational curriculum being taught in schools on the Big Island and Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii has their Education Station purpose built as traveling classroom for special events. LTS will support the growth and increased use of both educational programs at more events and schools through out the Hawaiian Islands.

Activate: Love The Sea will activate more volunteers to support existing beach cleanups and education programs, while also raising funds to deploy a Sea Cleaners Vessel and locally hired crew to work full time in the Hawaiian Islands...

With the deployment of Sea Cleaners in Hawaii (most likely the central Islands of Maui or Lanai chosen as a home port) LTS will be activating a vessel dedicated full time to the extraction of marine debris in Hawaiian waters, while giving ocean support to nonprofit partners working on coastal area cleanups. The Ocean Aid event will also activate many volunteers to sign up with their favorite local charity that best serves Love the Sea principle they favor most.

Fund: Through the global outreach of Ocean Aid starting in Hawaii, pathways to capital resources for each of LEAF principle will be created so that Love The Sea and it's partners can effectively support the cause around the world...

By the revenue generated from OA ticket & merchandise sales combined with sponsorship, donations and strategic partners, LTS will be funding all the LEAF principles year one.

be part of the movement

The mission of Ocean Aid is to take the global language of music to inform, inspire and enact change on the issue of ocean trash through the power of a community-based worldwide festival.

Through music, love, community and gratitude for our life-giving planet, we can – and will – make a difference for our oceans and fellow creatures while creating the world’s most beautiful, altruistic event.

Photo by Jim Russi


Love the Sea supports a local & global network of ocean stewards, working towards the eradication of plastic pollution and marine debris in the world’s oceans, achieved through effective direct action, innovative educational outreach and strategic policy making campaigns.

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