Love The Sea Plastic Free

Photo by Chris Egan

Our Mission

With the Ocean Aid festival brand and L•E•A•F principals created, and a coalition of successful non profit partners, Love the Sea supports a local & global network of ocean stewards, working towards the eradication of plastic pollution and marine debris in the world’s oceans, achieved through effective direct action, innovative educational outreach and strategic policy making campaigns that mitigate the prolific use of plastics plaguing our local and global environment.

Our Coalition


Love The Sea has united the non-profit groups above listed for OCEAN AID. As official advisors to Love the Sea, a representative from each non-profit group in the coalition, will help decide the disbursement of funds, guaranteeing the most impact and ability to achieve all LEAF principals.

L•E•A•F  principles are the foundation of Love The Sea 501c3


Ocean Aid will increase awareness and financial support for important legislative work that relates to plastic in our local & global environment. Hawaii Wildlife Fund, Surfrider Foundation along with many others, have an ongoing campaign called “Hold The Foam” that is currently working to ban the use of polystyrene containers used in Hawaii. Love the Sea will support the issue on the Big Island of Hawaii and provide support for “Hold The Foam” campaign in the County of Maui.


Love The Sea’s goal is for Ocean Aid to be a leading voice and platform for education about the issues of plastic and marine debris. The festival will host many important speakers for the cause including government officials, community and cultural leaders as well as artists of all mediums. Hawaii Wildlife Fund already has an educational curriculum being taught in schools on the Big Island and Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii has their Education Station, a purpose built traveling classroom for special events. LTS will support the growth and increased use of both educational programs at more local events and schools through out the Hawaiian Islands.


Ocean Aid will activate more volunteers to support existing beach cleanups and education programs while raising funds to deploy a Sea Cleaners vessel with a locally hired crew to work full time in the Hawaiian Islands.  The boat will be dedicated full time, to the extraction of plastic and marine debris in Hawaiian waters while giving ocean support to nonprofit partners working on coastal area cleanups. At Ocean Aid we encourage people to sign up with their favorite local charity in support of their mission to protect the ocean from plastic and marine debris.


Through the global outreach of Ocean Aid starting in Hawaii, pathways to capital resources like the Ocean Aid mobile giving App have been created so that Love The Sea and their coalition partners can effectively combat plastic and marine debris, locally and further around the world. Profits from Ocean Aid festival ticket & merchandise sales, combined with sponsorship, donations and strategic partners will help Love The Sea’s coalition support all L•E•A•F principles year one in Hawaii.

Love The Sea

Coalition Partners

With guidance of our experienced advisers, Love The Sea grants will be awarded to our ‘Coalition Partners’ to ensure effective support is provided where most needed on current, future, local and international, plastic pollution and marine debris issues that are in line with our L•E•A•F principles.


Hawaiʻi Wildlife Fund welcomes the partnership of Ocean Aid in the battle to combat marine debris.  HWF has been working with island communities to protect nearshore and coastal resources since its founding in 1996.  HWF has convened beach and reef cleanups throughout the archipelago from Midway Atoll to the world famous “Plastic Beach” at Kamilo Point on Hawaiʻi Island, removing more than 235 tons of marine debris from Hawaiʻi’s most sensitive and impacted coastal habitat. HWF’s Marine Debris Keiki Education & Outreach program teaches Hawaiʻi’s youth how to reduce our dependency on plastics, encourages innovative solutions, and invites them to join in removal efforts.  HWF also participates in efforts to ban polystyrene food take-out containers in Hawaiʻi.  Everyone can help solve this problem that is a direct result of a man-made phenomenon:  dependence on plastics.


The Surfrider Foundation- is a grassroots non-profit dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the world’s oceans, waves and beaches through Conservation, Activism, Research and Education (CARE).  As part of their national Rise Above Plastics program, Surfrider’s five chapters in Hawaii are committed to reducing marine plastic pollution and have helped pass historic laws and policies that banned plastic bags and created smoke-free beaches & parks.  Through their Ocean Friendly Restaurants campaign, they have helped certify more than 90 restaurants that have dramatically reduced the amount of plastic bottles, bags, utensils, straws and foam containers being consumed in Hawaii.  And through their monthly beach cleanups, they have removed tons of plastic litter and debris from Hawaii’s shores.


Sea Cleaners – There is no consistent, water-based, proven cleanup method like Sea Cleaners of New Zealand in Hawaii. Love The Sea has committed to implementing a locally run boat and crew that will work full time in the Hawaiian Islands. NZ’s Captain Hayden Smith has successfully replicated his model for effective daily cleanups, education and support of community groups dedicated to eradication of plastic in the ocean. Hayden will be guiding the setup of a locally run Sea Cleaners Hawaiian vessel funded by Love The Sea & Ocean Aid.


Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii is a grassroots, local nonprofit organization run by a small team of dedicated staff and supported by passionate volunteers, just like you. We inspire local communities to care for their coastlines through fun, hands-on beach cleanups. We also coordinate educational programs, public awareness campaigns and help others run their own beach cleanups. We love Hawai’i’s beaches and love to keep them clean. By educating people about reducing their waste and the need to keep our beaches clean, we foster a connection to their coastline and coastlines thousands of miles away. Ultimately we aim to awaken the individual that clean beaches start at home.